We work with leather exclusively from the best world manufacturers, which allows us to use
exclusive types of leather and control the full stage of bag production - from the birth of an idea to
full embodiment.
Each FIDELITTI bag is created by the best team of experts from different
cities and even countries. Unrivaled recognizable style, the best materials, various colors.
All this, combined with quality workmanship, makes each FIDELITTI bag unique.
That is why each new product gets its own individual name, comes to life and ceases to be
just a bag.
Our company has in its arsenal the latest unique high-tech production, not
which has analogues today in Ukraine. Equipment from leading manufacturers
assists our specialists in assembling and sewing products at the highest level.
Attention to detail and customer care is the secret to the success of the final product. Fidelitti products
are in demand abroad, as evidenced by regular sales to European countries.
Having our own production facility with modern European equipment,
using the best natural leather and high quality consumables from proven
Italian brands, we make designer leather shoes for women and men, stylish
bags and backpacks, as well as accessories to complement your beautiful image.
In the range of our FOOTWEAR you can find:
 sneakers or trainers;
 boots and low shoes;
Boots (boots);
Lunar rovers;
 shoes or mules;
 slippers.
Bags and accessories:
 fashionable belt bags;
 stylish shoulder bags (over the shoulder);
 elegant bags with small handles;
 comfortable and always relevant backpacks.
All leather bags and backpacks are created by leading designers and tailors.
leather products, therefore they have the following advantages:
 high quality;
 a wide range of shapes, colors, decorative finishes;
 duration of maintaining an attractive appearance, integrity;
 affordable prices.
Fideliti Island: 1st on top of Fontan Sky

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