brocard rus 09.06

Add colors: -40% on makeup


As Mumiy Troll sings: “May our summer be full of love and travel.” Set aside gadgets, put on the most beautiful swimsuit, pace along the Dnieper embankment, let adventures break into life! Meet them as your favorite from a business trip - with bright makeup and an exalted mood! Add color: Choose makeup at a 40% discount at BROCARD stores.

The action “Add colors: -40% for makeup” is valid from June 1 to June 30, 2020. Under the terms of the action, for decorative cosmetics, except for the brands Lirene, M.A.C, a 40% discount is provided. Other discounts, including discount cards, are not cumulative. Details of the action are available from store consultants and at BROCARD.UA.