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Opening hours of the Fontan Sky shopping center on January 8-24

Dear visitors! In connection with the introduction of an enhanced Drantin regime from January 8 to 24
inclusive, the following stores will be open in our shopping center as usual
and establishments:
1. "Cheese Kingdom";
2. Pharmacy Gaevsky;
4. Antoshka - entrance from the parking lot! - (sale of food products and issuance of online orders);
5. Rozetka: issuing online orders;
6. JYSK: issuing online orders at the checkout (details:
7. Сomfy - issuing online orders;
8. MOYO - issuing online orders;
9. Hello - issuing online orders;
10. Creative Mall - issuing online orders.
11. Beauty salon "Adventure".
We will inform you about further changes in the schedule on the official pages of the shopping center "Fontan Sky".
Happy Holidays to you and your families!