The first and paramount principle of Antoshka is children’s safety. Since the opening of Antoshka a new format of a children’s store, unique for the CIS, has arisen - a children’s supermarket. Like a child, Antoshka is always changing and perfecting, but the core issues remain unchanged: it is a friend for kids who gives joy and surprises, and a faithful aid for parents who helps to bring kids up healthy and happy.

Antoshka has regular foreign and national partners with which it has been cooperating for over 11 years. The main advantage of the products is their certified high quality.

Today, Antoshka network of children’s stores is developing dynamically retaining the primacy in the race for leadership.  Our achievements on the way of development have embodied in the unique services that ensure us a significant advantage in working out a loyalty program for our customers: pediatricians’ advice, schools for mothers-to-be, development clubs, hairdressers’, cafeteria, and play areas allow us to ensure attention for all necessary spheres of child development and to act as a consultant for parents.   

The social orientation is one of the priority lines of our activity. We focus our attention on support of any projects aimed at the children’s active wholesome and educational development: Antoshka Children’s Cup Championship of Ukraine in Tennis, Field Hockey Championship that is held in Vinnitsa, Children’s Fashion Theatre, a potter’s studio, as well as many studios and circles for development of the coming generation.  


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