From 50 to 70 author's models of ships of all times and peoples represent
exposition of the Marine Gallery in the Fontan Sky shopping center.

Here you can see what the Pharaoh's boat looked like, the ships of the Phoenicians and Greeks, on which
ships Christopher Columbus set sail and discovered America, and how were
the Black Sea post-war cargo steamer, children's sailing dinghy were designed
"Optimist" and the famous Odessa scow.

Odessa Marine Model Gallery was created in 2002 with the aim of reflecting maritime history
Odessa, the Black Sea basin, as well as the world history of the merchant and military fleet.
In a global sense, the Gallery is not completely, but for the most part began to perform the functions
Odessa Museum of the Maritime Fleet, whose employee at one time was the author
the vast majority of the created ships Igor Akimov.

Igor, who is fond of shipbuilding from the age of 7, from school, then - during his studies at
Radio Engineering Institute, and since 1995 - professionally, and having under his belt
multiple victories and titles of the European and World championships in ship modeling,
for over 20 years has been the head of the section of the Ukrainian Federation of Ship Modeling Sports,
as well as a judge of the international federation NAVIGA.

He is an enthusiast of his craft and is in love with all the ships he designed, regardless of
whether they are created for the Gallery or for the competition.

By the way, the Marine Gallery is not only a model, but also an art one.
Gallery. So, here are presented organically complementing the exposition of the ships of the museum
the quality of the canvas of the seascapes: Evgeny Revelioti, Vadim Stashkevich, Vasily
Vereshchagin, Yuri Kravets and Eduard Yusupov.

We can say that the Gallery is a MARINE HISTORICAL CENTER,
since there are also drawings of various ships, graphics and nautical
literature. By the way, there are also primary sources that you can just look through,
finding the answers to your questions. All of this is FREE.

If you prefer not just to read the descriptions of the ships, Igor can conduct
In short, our Marine Gallery has something to see for both amateurs and
professional sailors, and schoolchildren, and historians, and children and adults.


Other services of the Gallery:

2. PRODUCTION TO ORDER models of ships of any type and level of complexity (process
production takes from a month to a year).
You can order such a model for yourself (to decorate the interior of the house, for example) or
as a gift.

By the way, in his creative workshop Igor creates not only ship models, but also
equipment, architectural structures, landscapes.

2nd floor

Working hours:
10.00 - 22.00


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