Innovative approach, sophistication and confident steps in step
over time - these are the principles that the brand has chosen for itself
Bugatti, which started producing shoes and clothing back in
back in 1978. And he made the right decision.

Since Klaus-Jürgen Müller, head of the Milan company
Brinkmann, presented the name of the now widely known
brand, Bugatti took pride of place in the wardrobe of wealthy
European men and women for whom comfort, style and
status is not an empty phrase.
Today, shoes and clothing of this brand are sold in
stores in 60 countries of the world, therefore Bugatti's status as a “world
player ”can hardly be disputed.
Only natural products are used for sewing branded clothing.
fabrics such as cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, wool, etc.
like that. Such branded clothing is as comfortable as possible
and convenient, which is the most important criterion for
modern consumers.
The Bugatti brand values ​​practicality and reliability in everyone
manifestation. Brand suits, jackets, trousers, polo,
shirts and other essential wardrobe items
fit perfectly on the figure, do not restrict movement and
bring real pleasure even to the most demanding
Restraint, conciseness and perfection in every detail -
this is what makes Bugatti branded clothing stand out in the modern
market. Only the individuality of elite clothing makes
its owner is unique and stylish, and also allows
preserve the harmony of the image.
It is believed that branded clothing is too expensive.
However, Bugatti breaks down all the stereotypes. After all, the price
the offered goods is justified by the high quality of tailoring.
Branded business and casual wear much longer
serves, while maintaining a beautiful appearance. In addition, during the period

off-season sales, the Bugatti brand gives its customers
pleasant discounts, you can find out about them on our pages:



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@ bugatti.odessa

Bugatti is a German brand with an Italian polish.
High-end quality, stylish design, expert cut -
the advantages of Bugatti.
The brand offers a wide range of clothing and
accessories. From belts to suits and

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