"Trattoria" in Italian means a light version of the restaurant. Our Trattoria Maestro is a restaurant with a refined interior, attentive staff and authentic Italian cuisine. This is a restaurant without a dress code, where every guest can feel at ease. Our pizza is made using a very rare traditional Italian technology in Ukraine, in a wood-burning oven at a temperature of at least 300 °C. Special recipes, hand-rolled dough and original Italian ingredients make the taste of pizza from Trattoria Maestro unique.

Salads and appetizers, soups and main dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes that we have brought for you from different provinces of Italy. Here you will try frulatti - a unique ice cream made by our pastry chef. No preservatives, colorants or flavor enhancers! Only natural products, including fresh fruits and berries mixed in special equipment, give our guests an amazing treat to taste.

We were the first to offer Odesa residents to taste a refreshing and full of vitamins strip-an original and very popular drink all over the world. The name itself comes from the English "smooth" - which means soft, gentle. Why do our guests love this drink so much? And because it's really delicious! What's not to like about shredded fruit? Its dense structure allows you to drink it slowly, and in addition, smoothies are always bright and colorful.

Visitors with children will have a surprise: every child can feel like a real chef! To do this, we have an original children's clothing chefs, an experienced nanny and a skilled pizza maker who will teach children to make and bake pizza on their own.


Third floor, big atrium


Daily 11:00-23:00


+38 (048) 706-35-00

+38 (063) 693-54-34


Trattoria Maestro in Fontan Sky 1


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